Staycations can offer a memorable experience for guests

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in early summer, holiday bookings helped grow the economy.

As many were unable to holiday abroad this year, because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the chaos at British airports, many turned to staycations.

But like the rest of the country, holiday destinations and resorts are facing the same cost of living problems as everyone else, with soaring fuel prices kicking in as holidaymakers return home.

The challenge is to try and keep the wheels of the hospitality and leisure sector across the country turning and make venues more of a year-round attraction.

Innovations could include:

  • Live entertainment like a band or comedy show
  • Child friendly shows during the half-term breaks
  • Themed weekends like 60s or 70s nights and festive specials
  • Special breaks that include admission to a local year-round attraction. (The attraction might offer special rates in return for business)

While camping and glamping sites will not be attractive to many in the winter months, holiday parks, self-catering apartments, bed and breakfast facilities and hotels can be creative to make their venues more attractive off-season.

Going the extra mile for clients

For those worried about the cost-of-living crisis, there are many things to do at no or very little cost and can be achieved by going that little bit further for clients.

Being more efficient and reviewing your accommodation business model will help attract more customers in off-peak periods.

Cleanliness means everything

A dirty room or apartment is not the best first impression and it should not happen, but if there is a problem, transfer guests to a new spotless room or go the extra mile and upgrade them to a much nicer room. They are more likely to return in this scenario.

Facilities not working properly

This should not be a problem in a properly run establishment, but if TV, Wi-Fi, air con or heating are not working, find a solution as fast as possible. Apologise and offer some compensation if it is a venue-wide issue.

Inconsiderate guests

Late night noisy drinkers, noisy children or even barking dogs should not have to be endured.

To support customers, a late-night curfew could be put in place together with closing the bar earlier. If a guest complains, always call the offending room, and politely ask them to keep the noise down.

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